Auction Items

Origami Swans

by Elsa Chen, OrigaMIT Member

Folded specifically for our Charity Ball, these exquisite swans each span about one foot in length and 10 inches in height. Despite the heavy watercolor paper used to fold the swans, elegant curves are achieved through an origami technique known as wet-folding whereby the paper is folded while damp.

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Glass Vase

by Martin Demaine and Erik Demaine

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3 Piece Ceramic Bowl Set

by Happy Goethert, MIT Student Art Association Instructor

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Ceramic Vase

by Neal, former MIT student who transferred to Massachusetts College of Art and Design (for the love of art!)

Glaze: Cobalt Blue with Wax Resist

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Blue and White Ceramic Pitcher

by Clay Ward, MIT Class of 1997

Wheel-Thrown, Hand Altered, Glaze: Cobalt Blue, Ron Roy White

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"Brunch for Two" Gift Certificate

donated by Craigie On Main Restaurant

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