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Playgroup: Around China in 60 Minutes

By Michelle F - posted October 30, 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent playgroup session! Here is a recap for everyone who was unable to attend the playgroup!

Theme: Landmarks in China
Snacks of the day: Fresh almond cookies from a Chinese bakery (Yum!)
We started off the journey at the Customs desk, where the children colored and decorated their new passports and trick-or-treating bags. After a short "Name Your Favorite Animal" ice breaker, we headed to Xi’an, where the Terracotta Army soldiers were crafted. With apple marshmallows, coconut candy, and haw flakes shuffling in their bags, the children traveled to Beijing, China’s capital. There, they built the Great Wall of China, complete with mini flag, and navigated their way through a tricky maze in the Forbidden City. Jelly sticks and chocolate koala bears were additional souvenirs from that city. Moving back southwest to Sichuan, the children created panda bears in the form of puppets and plushies. There, we said our goodbyes, and the children returned home to America with goodie bags loaded with Chinese sweets and a passport full of stamps, one for each eventful stop in China.

Please visit our photos page and BUCCF's Dumplings page for pictures from the playgroup! (If you attended the playgroup and would like individual picture files sent to you, please let us know!)

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(Clockwise from Top Left) [1] MIT China Care member Zihim plays with one of the Children [2] One solitary Terracotta Soldier [3] Showing off her completed panda puppet [4] BUCCF volunteers prepare the panda plushies for Sichuan


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